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Record your wishes using our online service, My Wishes Are. The uniqueness of our program is you can login & make changes any day, any time from any digital device, as many times as you want. Your record is instantly updated, ready to send to your nominated recipients. This membership gives your last wishes to those you love, don’t leave them wondering.


A secured online service with your wishes that can be edited or updated 24 hours, 365 days a year.


Nominate your partner, your children, solicitor or funeral home to make your wishes known, in a secured format, pdf.


A onetime payment of $ for your piece of mind, to ease the pressure & reassure those you love of your personal choices.


You are the only person who sees your personal information & your chosen recipients.

This is the beauty of My Wishes Are being online, you can take as long as you want. There are no time restrictions, you can log in & out, work at your own pace, take 10 minutes, take 10 days it’s up to you.

Your recipients will receive an email notifying them of your wish list only when you press the send button. My Wishes Are holds this information for you until you are ready, or print it out & keep it with your will, or send it to your lawyer. Make as many changes as you like, just press resend when you are ready & your recipients will receive your latest wishes.

The only access your loved ones have is a hyperlink to generate your pdf of answers, they cannot alter answers from this. You are given a unique password for your own account, the only way someone could access this is if you give them your login details. If this does happen, you can reset your password.

Yes. Login with the initial generated password, go to account settings, & you can reset your own password.

If your account has not been active for 11 months we will send you an email just click the response to either keep active or close your account. There are no ongoing fees.

No. My Wishes Are is a record of your wishes for your final day.

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